Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool 2

I think participating in an online community and participating in a PLN is very worthwhile.  It is something that I don't often take the time to do and I enjoyed reading about other people's teaching adventures.  I agree that asking questions and being open ended encourages reader response.  I noticed that wasn't usually the case, though, that people wrote about what was happening in their world, but did not necessarily encourage feedback.  I did find a couple of teachers who had giveaways and, of course, those got a lot of responses.  I feel a little shy about sharing my feedback publicly.  I find that often times the comments already made are repetitive.  I do try to leave positive feedback, as the tone of words written on a computer can never be clear.  It's much easier to share with my teammates because they are there in person to see your body language and hear your tone.  They also know me and can make negative comments in a way that are constructive and we can work through things together.  I am hoping to read Ms. Bainbridge's Class blog more this summer.  It sounds as though we have similar teaching styles and use some of the same tools (Daily 5, Cafe) for reading.  Her site explains how she organizes her time, which is helpful when I reflect on my practices.  She has a lot of practical information and things I can use in my room.

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