Friday, August 17, 2012

Tool 10

1.  I want to make sure students understand that they can't believe everything they read.  Just because it is online, it does not make it true.  It is important that they can validate sources as they gather information.
2.  I want students to understand why it is important to protect their identity online as they form relationships.  They need to protect their personal information.  They need to inform an adult if there is anything they see that upsets them.
3.  I want students to understand that their online responses are public and that they should be kind and respectful, as they would be in person.
I think watching a video on digital citizenship, such as through BrainPop, would be beneficial to students.  Kids love Moby!  I think it would take an initial lesson and ongoing lessons throughout the year to learn proper "netiquette."  I would make parents aware of the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy as well as post something on my blog.

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