Friday, August 17, 2012

Tool 7

A.  Content Objective:  TLW develop an understanding and appreciation for another culture by working collaboratively with a classroom in another country using technology.
B.  I would try to implement this during the China unit in first grade.
C.  I would use Skype and perhaps Poll Everywhere and/or Blogger
D.  It would be amazing to connect to a classroom in China (If we could tackle the language barrier) to Skype with another class.  Students could share items and first graders can see first hand a typical Chinese student's lunch, classroom, their flag, etc.  They could ask each other questions using Poll Everywhere and we could blog about our experience.  The students could stay in touch that way.
E.  I have no idea how I would find a classroom in China to participate, but with current technology it seems that just about anything is possible!

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