Friday, August 17, 2012

Tool 11

1.  It's overwhelming to think back about all of the things I've learned from this experience.  There are several things I want to try in my classroom this year!  I definitely think I will use Edmodo and Poll Everywhere.  I fully intend to use Blogger to create (I mean, maintain - I've had one before and did not keep up with it well) a class blog.  I plan to use the ipads this year in workshop and will have students respond to their learning to hold them accountable.
2.  I am excited about trying out the things I have learned!  I have a better understanding of what I can use my devices to do - and how to get that accomplished.  I am going to need to make a point of teaching digital citizenship and the proper use of the devices.  I want students to feel empowered to direct their learning using the technology.  It will help me as a teacher step back, and let the students lead more, as we more forward.  It helps create that self-determined learner.
3.  I am surprised at how easy a lot of this was.  I think I was a little intimidated before and it simply took me sitting down and exploring a little to figure out a few really valuable things that I can use in my classroom.

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