Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool 3

I find Discovery Education to be most useful.  I have used it in both my first and third grade classrooms.  There is content on there for just about any subject and the students really seem to enjoy watching the videos.  You Tube is also handy for finding songs when you need them, but you have to be more careful about what comes up on the screen when searching for things.  It's best to do any searching while the Activboard is not on!


I thought I would explore You Tube a little more... This video is slightly annoying, but something tells me the kids would love it!  Third graders take timed fact quizzes, so this may help a couple of kids with the 9's.  Could be used in math workshop for students to check out as needed.

Copyright law is something that I should be more aware of (as should the children.)  I learned that older materials are likely fair game to use and that I can use small parts of newer materials without too much concern.

Dropbox would be really helpful in instances when the SBISD server was not available.

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